Ulaya Chronicles Cooperative and Solo Wargaming in the Post Apocalyptic jungles of The Drowned Earth...

Coming to Kickstarter on 05/05/2020, Ulaya Chronicles is a campaign based hybrid Wargame/dungeon crawler, set in a land of dinosaur infested jungles, and bloodthirsty pirates!

The Drowned Earth is a dangerous place!

You awake lying on a tropical beach, rags clinging to your damp skin, as you realise... you have been shipwrecked on a strange island!

Wild calls from the jungle alert you to the instant danger, but luckily, you are not alone.

murder burbs!

Welcome to Ulaya Chronicles: Raptor Claw Island, a cooperative or solo tabletop miniatures game where you battle terrifying dinosaurs, bloodthirsty pirates and discover exotic locations in your search for a way home.

Mysterious pirates... how will you meet them?
Beware the fearsome yuttaraptors!

Played over a series of interconnected games, Ulaya Chronicles is a story based campaign experience.

Make important choices which effect the narrative, steer the combat style of your character, and reveal a mysterious plot which you, the players, must unravel.

A solo or cooperative experience, Ulaya Chronicles features a card driven AI system. Each type of enemy (mostly dinosaurs!) have unique behaviours and personalities. Each enemy type is a different tactical puzzle to solve, and ensure every play through is a different experience.

a few A.I. action cards

Bringing you something you've never seen in a miniatures wargame before: card driven, narrative scenarios! Card decks control each scenario, and manage both your objectives and exciting story events. Race to complete your objectives before the dangers of the "Heat Deck" overcome you.

These events, and how you respond to them, effect both the course of the game and the future of the campaign. Do you befriend the merchant you meet on the road or rob them? Choices steer the game in a different direction, but many decisions will have repercussions later in the campaign!

potential boss fight perhaps?
Game in a box! everything you need to play

Ulaya Chronicles is a stand alone game, based on the mechanics as The Drowned Earth, streamlined to accommodate AI mechanics, and campaign progression.

The brave protagonists... which will you choose?

Both games share the same range of miniatures, and many components, meaning that Ulaya Chronicles is an excellent gateway in to The Drowned Earth, or way to expand your TDE collection.

scenery tiles are placed on a board mat (both included) to create the battlefield for each scenario.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Ulaya Chronicles for The Drowned Earth players: the AI system will be fully importable in to TDE games. Do you want NPC dinosaurs in your competitive games? Do you want to weaponise the jungle against your enemy? Well you can! Just imagine the scenario possibilities... we are!

A few other faces you may see in your travels...

There is much more to learn and more information will be released as we approach the campaign launch, on May 5th. New model releases, game features and components will be revealed over the coming weeks.

A few moments respite

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